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Nanjing ruosheng Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Telephone (TEL): 86-025-68815666
Fax (FAX): 86-025-68815651
Address: Lishui Development Zone of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, zhe Ning Road No. 333
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       Nanjing Ruosheng Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located at No.333, Zhetang East Road, Lishui Development Zone, Nanjing. With 30,000 m2 occupied area, including 10,000 m2 workshop building area, we are ahigh-tech “Precision Manufacturing” enterprise integrating the design, development, and manufacture of mechanical products. We have more than 20 mechanical design engineers, more than 30 senior technicians for machining center programming.
       Ruosheng has been developing with design concept innovation, manufacturing concept innovation, service concept innovation, and provided products to many enterprises such as the subordinate institutes of the aviation industry in China, Avici Commercial Aircraft Co., ltd., China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp, Swedish Tetra Machinery and Germany Krones Food Packaging Machinery Company. Our products consist of hundreds of varieties in several categories ranging from aircraft parts, ship spare parts, electronic components, highspeed rail and automobile parts and packaging machine parts. In 2009, Ruosheng had got “GJB9001A-2001 Military Industry Quality Management System Certification”.
      Pursuit of excellence is how we increase the core competitiveness. In the workshop, four-axis, five-axis, horizontal and vertical machining center are mainly producing titanium alloy, nickel alloy, and aluminum alloy;  three-axis, horizontal and vertical CNC machines are used for making precision electronic components. During inspection, we can use spectrum analyzer, mechanical properties tester, metallographic analysis type, CMM, projector and other basic inspect tools. At the same time, our partners will supply strong technical support, with our own advanced equipment and skill, quality will be ensured perfectly. We had got “GB/T19001-2000 Quality Management System Certification”.
      Our company is close to the highway, 5 Km to Nanjing Lukou International airport. Convenient transportation allows communication and cooperation between companies or transportation more easily.  We sincerely welcome friends in China and abroad, to create a greater glory together.    

corporate culture  

    “Loyal to the company, passionate in the work, work hard, study skills” is our core value for staff. 
     We offer opportunity for every worker through “position competition, technological breakthrough, technological innovation and management innovation”.
     We will have “Position example, operation celebrity” to increase the enterprise positive energy
    ”Cleaning working condition, complete living facilities, fair promotion” is our way to keep staff stray.
     We have a lot of cultural and sports activities to gathering strength, create a greater glory together.

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